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I am an award winning Sound designer , Mixer and Sound
Editor with years of experience and educational training
-SAE graduate in music production / audio engineering and a Film
Studies degree ,(Middlesex University London UK).

I work mainly from my own studio in North London

The Studio revolves around a powerful ProTools (HD) system with 5.1 and 7.1 mixing capabilities.

The systems includes all the industry standard tools but most important my know-how and experience in creating an immersive audio for your film.

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0:10 - Red Kingdom Rising ,(Feature film- Horror)
0:42 - The Midnight Beast- Channel 4/ Comedy Central
4:18 - Trumped - Awards winning feature film
5:36 - Agravoy - Awards winning short
7:52 - Misophonia -short
10:21 - Conjunction - Short
11:53 - CTRL- awards winning feature film
18:48 - Third Act- Web series
20:01 - Fairytail - awards winning feature film
26:45 - Inside Girls- Teaser
28:36 Peckham BMX- Documentary
29:02 - Macto- Teaser
30:06 - Corner Kings- Documentary
30:23 - Thessalus&Medea - Awards winning short
32:19 - The Beauty of Silence - Concept advert
34:26 - On Duty - Short
36:35 - To the Power of 10 - Awards winning short
39:24 - Awards winning web series
40:35 - Think Twice- awards winning animation

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Whenever you need your ocean to come alive, your waves to hit from all directions, your spaceship to malfunction or your dialogue to be cleaned and restored to its needed glory , I'm here to lend my well trained ears, creative mind and experience to the task

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