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I have been working as a location recording engineer and Sound Designer for the past 20 years. I am an SAE graduate in audio engineering and production. I also own my own recording facility and location recording equipment. I headed the sound department and been production mixer in feature films, short films, reality TV shows, documentaries and adverts .

I own grade A, industry standard recording equipment but most importantly the experience in achieving production sound recordings in all possible scenarios.

I am a natural communicator, problem solver and team player.

I am also well experience in recording ADR and Voice Overs using my own studio as a base.

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Location mixer: Welcome
Location mixer: Video

00:05 -The Midnight Beast- Channel 4/ Comedy Central
00:19- Amani (short film) staring Jovian Wade- of 2.5 million youtbe views
00:42 The darkest Universe – Feature film
02:28 Tesco Foods- cookery show
02:51 Trumped- feature film
03:35 Bkchat London uncensored- Reality TV
04:22 How to be a Villain – awards winning short
04:40 – Accept- Short film
05:15 – Fairytale- awards winning feature
05:34 Gas Station – short film
05:58 Did you see that – Chat show – TV
06:16 Thessalus And Medea – Awards winning short film
06:54 'Peckham BMX'- |Documentary
07:19 Essence- Bentley Advert
07:33- Cooking with chef Adoniz- cookery show
08:01 Conjunction – short film ADR
08:29 Last Cry- short film
08:47 On Duty- short film
09:08 Rebus – Short Film ADR
09:31 Third Act – web series
10:06 Nike Football- advert
10:31 Just Molly&Me- awards wining short

Location mixer: Text


Recorders :

Sound Devices 633 Field Mixer
Sound Devices mixpre 10T
Roland R88 Recorder

Zoom 4Hn


Sennheiser 416 + Rycote blimp
Sennheiser MKH50
Rode NTG 3

2* Oktava MK2 mics

Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone 

4* Sennheiser G3 Wireless systems

2* Wizicom wireless systems

Additional equipment:

Tentacles TimeCode system

Portabrace bag

Rycote additional equipment

Mobile studio

Full Protools system for editing and mixing.

Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface

Izotope RX ,(Latest)

Waves plugins

Location mixer: About
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